Location One

Location one is just barely visible off of a Wisconsin highway, with just the top of the barn sticking out above the trees. The property has four buildings, and four classic cars to go along with it. The farmhouse is completely caved in from ceiling to floor, and the remnants of the inside can only be seen through a small open window. While that means most of the property has to be admired from the outside, it also means it's all-natural decay since teenagers aren't able to vandalize the place. Near the farmhouse, there was a garage that contains three beautiful classic cars, two of them were fairly covered by the caving in roof but a beautiful 1950's red Chevrolet was fairly untouched by the collapse. Even further back on the property, there was an old barn with a shed nearby. The barn itself was fairly uninteresting but in the shed, there are stacks upon stacks of old newspapers between the old stoves. The final gem on the property was a late 1930's/early 1940's buick sitting out in the open. Despite being exposed to the elements it was in amazing condition. 

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