• Lauren Bronder

Deer... in a tree?

Quarantine has definitely burnt me out of all things I once enjoyed doing, to combat that I have started to take hikes and go on drive. Primarily to find new urbex locations but also sometimes to find bones for my collection. This past week I went hiking in Mazomanie and found what one typically would, some birds, distant deer running through the feilds, and lots and lots of trees. The sun was starting to set so I started heading

back to wear I parked enjoying the cool breeze

that had started.

I was maybe 2 minutes from my car when I saw something I don't know how I missed on my way in, a deer in a tree. More specifically the bottom half of a deer about 8 feet off the ground sticking out between the branches. It looked like it had been there for at least a week but I have no clue what drug it up there. Possibly a bobcat but thats pretty rare that far south in Wisconsin, it shall be a mystery for now I suppose.

Also if anyone is wondering, I did not end up grabbing these bones, there's still a little too much meat and fur for me to be able to process them with my current living situation. I'm going to check back in a few weeks and see if by some miracle they're still there. Hopefully because i've been wanting a spine in my collection for a while now.

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