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Flora and Fauna

I'm absolutely in love on how these skull photos turned out!

You can find the rest of them on my instagram;

But I wanted to talk about the process of creating them! I had my Nikon D7100's lens at 170mm and at a wide aperture to make sure all the flowers were in focus. I really wanted to concentrate on the balance between the skulls and the delicate flowers.

For many of the pictures I had to be on manual focus to focus on the front of the skulls or for when I was very close to the table. I also towards the end switched to handheld instead of being on my tripod, so i could get really close.

I used a soft light to make sure everything was well lit, but i added a hard light to create a little more definition and hard shadows on the skulls. I wanted to make sure i kept the light soft on the flowers, and hard on the skull to help make the contrast between the two even more exaggerated.

Now the last step of this shoot was to arrange my skulls and flowers! Usually when I start photoshoots I have a vague idea in my mind but i never have a super solid plan on how I want everything to look. In this case I knew I wanted skulls and flowers together but I wasn't quite sure how I was going to arrange them. Once I got started though it all came together.

Now something you may not expect, arranging flowers isn't easy! Especially arranging flower petals. Honestly if was probably the most time consuming part of this shoot, i went through many many flowers trying to get everything to try and look perfect. Which is why always buy more than I need, in fact i originally wasn't going to buy the baby's breath, and was only going to stick with the carnations. Which i'm really glad i didn't because my favorite photos from this shoot were the ones that

included baby's breath!

This photoshoot was super fun, and I'm super happy with how these photos came out and I hope you enjoy them!

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